Hi, My Name is Sarah!

Sarah Cunningham is an illustrator who creates her work using felt tip pens and markers. She is heavily influenced by Japanese art, both ancient and modern. Sarah has worked as a freelance illustrator since 2007 the same year she began attending NCAD where she studied Fine Art and graduated in 2011 with an Honours Degree in Painting. Her work is colourful with a whimsical softness she owes to her love of children’s books and fairy tales, with influences ranging from Hayao Miyazaki to Beatrix Potter. You’ll rarely find a Sarah Cunningham drawing without at least three patterns in it, (the girl is pattern obsessed, it’s a real problem!). Sarah has had her work published in several magazines and books as well as self-publishing her own comics.

Feel free to peruse my gallery or shop, and feel free to contact me for anything! I'm available for commissions!

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I am a proud member of the Illustrators Ireland, and I have an active portfolio on their website which you can check out by clicking here!